AFOCER, Agrupació Foto-Cine Cerdanyola Ripollet, is the organizer of the prestigious biennial Aqüeducte.

The Aqüeducte Biennials have been the evolution of a regional Salon held the first edition in 1969, the same year that AFOCER was founded. Since then, a photo contest was held every year without interruptions until 1989, becoming a national Salon at that date, and with biennial format and 11 international editions until 2010.

The book that was published to commemorate each edition, is a document very appreciated by all those who love photography, that it is present in the main photographic libraries and specialized museums in the world. The biennial has found through the years, the path that has taken her to be the pioneer of the most prestigious photographic events that are celebrated nowadays.Unfortunately due to the economic crisis we are going through, and the absence of funding, it is impossible to launch the next edition of the biennial due to the high cost of publishing the book and its subsequent delivery. Convene a new Aqüeducte edition without its book or without the same quality, we believe that is not the same contest and for this reason is left on hold for now.

While better times arrive, we have organized the contest A | Photo | Reporter, a biennial in digital format, with a single section: photojournalism. We try to make this contest to become a reference for this type of photography, and we do not mix other disciplines. We will issue, besides the commemorative CD, a book purchased on Blurb optional for those who want to have printed the best works of this contest.

To make this contest be at the height of its predecessor and be successful, we need your support and your participation.

Thank you,